Other things to keep in mind

When renting an inflatable bounce house, you should know that:

  • Our inflatables are designed to accommodate 8-10 people at a time and can hold about 800-1,000 pounds
  • We recommend grouping participants by age and size to avoid injury
  • Participants are discouraged from using the bounce house if they suffer from neck pain, back pain or other health concerns relating to physical activity
  • In the event of injury, we are not responsible - it is up to participants and their parents to maintain the safety of children
  • In the event of inclement weather, we can reschedule your rental or provide a full refund

If the bounce house starts to deflate during your party, call 815-980-8834 ASAP, and we'll come back to reinflate it. Do you have questions about a bounce house rental? Feel free to reach out today.